Cream of the Crop

Here’s a few of my favorite photos.

From the outfit, to the location, to the photo composition, these pictures are the cream of the crop…in my opinion.

All photos were taken by me, with the exception of the first one.


1. Melanin Matching Suede (Shot by Randy Devieux)

2. Heat Wave 

3. Where Brooklyn At? 

4. Polished and Poised 

5. Fall…

6. Relaxed in Black 

7. Gym Attire 

8. Bronzed Beauty 

8. Call Tyrone

9. White on White

10. Supreme in Kelly Green 

11. Lemon Lime 

12. Just A T-Shirt

13. Concrete Jungle 

14.  In my White Tee

15. Garden of Eden: 8/5/1991

Which is your favorite?






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