Christmas in Midtown

“Its the most wonderful time of the year!” I love love love Christmas! When I was younger, I loved Christmas because the gifts (obviously) but as I get older, Its just something about it, I don’t know,  the warmth and celebrating Jesus. ( yes, I know He wasn’t born on Christmas)

I love walking through Atlanta during this time of year because the Christmas wreaths are on every light post and the Christmas lights adds such a beautiful touch to the sometimes rugged city. Granted, it was like 20 degrees and windy that day, but It didn’t matter…too much lol

What made this particular night so special was that the city was pretty empty (probably because of the weather). It made Atlanta seem so calm and peaceful. The scenery was so picturesque so, despite the chilling winds, I had a lot of fun doing this photoshoot. Plus, I went to The Cheesecake Factory afterwards lol



*All photography done by Randy Devieux 

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