aesthetic development

Aesthetic Development

LuxeStreetChic (LSC) provides Aesthetic Development for clients who need help in executing their vision through visuals.

Aesthetic development consists of combining various creative elements to create cohesive visuals that align with the client’s vision and/or brand. 

LSC develops aesthetic through the compositional elements of photography, model directing, product styling, fashion styling and photo-editing. The photo-editing used specifically focuses on color grading to ensure the cohesion of a client’s visuals. 

LuxeStreetChic provides  A la Carte services depending on the specific needs of the individual/brand. 

A la Carte Services include: 

  • Photography: $75/hr
  • Photo Editing: $10/photo
  • Product Styling: $50
  • Fashion Styling
  • Model Directing: $50 + $20/hr    
  • Social Media Curation: *prices based on scope of project*

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