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Black Women & Our Hair

*This post was written in 2016* When you put yourself out there on the internet, you become an easy target. I’ve known that since I began making Youtube videos back in 2014. But in the two years that I’ve been on Youtube, I’ve never received any hateful comments (except people thinking


un·der·rate ˌəndə(r)ˈrāt/ verb past tense: underrated; past participle: underrated underestimate the extent, value, or importance of (someone or something). …to underestimate the value of someone or something. I feel like my value is underestimated. I’m not of importance. I feel…underrated. …and I hate it. I recently came across a video on

Summer, Summer, Summertime

I love summer, but only as a concept. I was born in 1991. I grew up listening to great music accompanied with even better music videos. My favorite song/videos always came out just in time for the summer. Songs like ‘Frontin’ by Pharrell , ‘Why Don’t We Fall in Love’

Why You Think Everyone is Better than You

“Dawg, I was having nervous breakdowns like, “man these n***as that much better than me?”- Kanye West Kanye West is one of my favorite artists (I’m not gonna go into old Kanye vs New Kanye) because he gives a voice to the dreamers. The ones who are often looked at

Change Begins Within- 15 Inspirational Quotes

1) “God does not call those who are equipped, He equips those who are called.” 2) “You’re going into a season where you’re about to experience breakthrough after breakthrough because what you went through didn’t break you.” 3) “Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s

Entrepreneurs- Our Time is Coming

You suck. You’re not going hard enough. Everyone is better than you. You have no talent. Just…quit. These are the thoughts that run through my mind on a weekly basis. Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest career paths especially, if you’re starting from nothing. Entrepreneurs are required to

Why Asking God ‘When’ Means You’re Not Ready

“God’s going to bless you.” “God will open up doors of opportunities for you and your family.” “God will take back what the enemy stole from you.” Ok, cool but when? I’m a Christian and the most important aspect of Christianity is faith. You need faith to believe that Jesus

Why I Love Molly from HBO’s Insecure

This show is good AF. HBO’s Insecure is my favorite show right now! not only is it entertaining but, the show explores so many aspects of black life that often don’t get told via mainstream media. The show’s creator, Issa Rae is doing her thing right now! Listen, I’ve been

Why You’re Depressed this ‘Cuffing Season’

“Don’t let romantic love be the only kind of love you crave for.” As the leaves fall and the weather gets cooler, it can only mean one thing, cuffing season is approaching.  For those who don’t know what cuffing season is, its when everyone scrambles to find a significant other

What ‘A Seat At The Table’ Taught Me

I just bought Solange’s new album, ‘A Seat at the Table’ and my God, this woman is an underrated artistic genius. I haven’t been this inspired by an album since Kanye West’s ‘Late Registration’. What I love most about Solange is that she’s herself. She doesn’t try to fit in

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