Autumnal Vibes

Ok, I’ll admit that I did this shoot in the middle of December so it definitely wasn’t autumn lol but with this bipolar weather, we’ve been having, it sure felt like it.

My favorite is color is black and olive green or khaki as some call it now. I found this really cute top from Go Jane and they had it in black and khaki… It was hard for me not to choose the black lol.

But I thought the green would look really nice with these wide legged trousers I got from Forever 21. And since I love adding a bit of umph to my outfits, I paired it with these amazing cheetah pumps (can’t remember where I bought them) and a printed clutch I got from the thrift store.

I like to get creative with my shoots so I can showcase interesting locations and even get my model on lol. So I decided to do this photo shoot behind a shopping center and in the forest…it wasn’t really a forest, it just had trees and grass lol. Anyways, I love how all the colors are so cohesive and interesting to look at. I hope you guys enjoy!



I was afraid jumping off that 2ft ledge lol

*All photography done by Randy Devieux 

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