Springtime Fine

Its Springtime, my favorite season! its not too hot or too cold which means my fashion game will not be limited. So I’m breaking out the rompers, light bomber jackets and maxi dresses. Oh, and I’m starting to experiment with bright bold makeup looks.

As I was driving around my city, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. Brightly colored flowers blooming on trees and bushes, sun shining brightly, ugh! so picturesque.

On my way home, I saw this beautiful tree covered in pink flowers and thought, “I have to take a picture with this tree!”

The aesthetic I was going for was bright and fun. So I created an eyeshadow look that uses 7 colors lol I know, doing the most but it doesn’t look like I’m doing the most lol. Aside from a couple of transition colors, The eyeshadow colors I used were hot pink, two orange colors, yellow, purple, blue and a gold pigment. (I’m thinking about uploading a tutorial for that look).

I chose to wear a cute little bright orange strapless dress that I thrifted and these bold “GX by Gwen Steffani” chunky heeled shoes. OMG these shoes are my favorite at the moment because I have nothing like them in my shoe collection. The heels have like this snakeskin print detail lined with orange and a baby blue zigzag chunky heel. It sounds like a lot, but trust me, it all works together.

The outfit works. Its cute, simple, bright and fun.

However, taking these pictures were an adventure in its self! That beautiful pink tree I was talking about had hundreds of bumblebees around it, next to it and through it! Not to mention, it was 85 degrees outside! but as an artist I had to keep repeating #AnythingfortheShot to myself lol and the pictures turned out bomb! I hope you guys like them as much as I do!



Was I lying? those bees were not playing lol

*All photography done by Randy Devieux 

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