Body Image

I’ve been feeling so insecure about my body lately. Every time I get out the shower and look at myself I see mainly imperfections. I think if I had a little more here and a little less there, my body would be perfect.

I know by now we’ve all seen Teyana Taylor in the “Faded” video. And damn. Her body is unreal! I’m already a member at planet fitness and I work out 4 days a week but after that video, I might have to add an extra day.

I know my body will NEVER look like Teyana’s but she just had a baby like 6 months ago so, I feel some type of way lol

My main issue with my body is my stomach. I’ve never had a flat stomach. Ever. I’ve always been slim and my body hasn’t really changed since high school but so far, I’ve never been able to achieve a flat stomach.

Because I have such a slim frame the fat on my stomach looks exaggerated. Sometimes I feel like I look 3 months pregnant! I just feel like my body isn’t proportionate. I find myself thinking “well, if my hips were a little wider, than my waist would look smaller” or  wishing my stomach fat would just disappear lol.

If you look at my pictures, you might be saying to yourself “girl, what are you talking about?!! your stomach is FLAT!” Listen, I’ve mastered the art of angles and sucking in lol.

I know we as women struggle with body image everyday because the media is constantly throwing images of the “perfect” body in our faces (most of which are surgically enhanced).

Its ok to what to change things about your body but make sure you’re doing it so that you can be the best you, you can be and not because you want to look like someone else.

You’re never going to have a Kim Kardashian body (Kim doesn’t even have a Kim K body) and I’ll never have a Teyana Taylor body and that’s OK!

But what I will have is a flat stomach, with some ab definition.

Just give me a few more months. I’m determined not to quit this time.



One-piece : GoJane

*All photography was done by Shiloh Devieux

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