Hiking in Heels

I feel like I’m coming into my own as I continue to blog. I’ve realized that I don’t want to be just another fashion blogger with really cute pictures of me walking down the street.

Now, I’m not knocking the fashion bloggers who follow that particular formula, I’ve just realized that it just isn’t me.

I’m all about aesthetics.

I like taking pictures in unconventional places and creating art that not only focuses on what I’m wearing but also where I am.

This past weekend I found this really cool trail called the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve Trail in Atlanta. This place use to be home to Native Americans and it was also a Civil War battle site.

But what really sold me on this location was the waterfall. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was going to be the spot of my next shoot.

So, my photographer and I had to do a bit of hiking to get to the waterfall (don’t worry, I had on sneakers and my heels were in my backpack lol).

When we finally got to the waterfall, I took my heels out of my backpack so I could change, come to find out, one of the straps to my heel was missing!

The shoe was a “barley there” heel so it needed a strap to anchor my foot to the heel and I was on top of a rocky waterfall so I needed that strap!

Luckily, the sneakers I was wearing had neon yellow shoelaces and my heels were neon yellow. So what did I do? I took my shoelaces out of my sneakers and put them in my heels! lol

You can’t even tell because I’m a professional lol



Oh, I found the original strap to my heel…it was in my closet lol

One-piece: GoJane

High-wasted Trousers: H&M

Heels: Burlington Coat Factory

Shoelaces:Nike lol

*All photography done by Randy Devieux

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