Melanin Matching Suede

I’ve been wearing midi dresses a lot lately because I haven’t really felt like putting an actual outfit together lol.  So, I bought a couple of midis for the days when I don’t feel like dressing up but I still wanna look cute.

To me, solid colored midi dresses are the perfect “basic” piece similar to a t-shirt. And because its such a blank canvas, you can literally do anything to it.

Today, I chose to dress it up a bit with some gold heels and gold accessories.

The dress would’ve looked just as cute with some sandals or even some chucks.

I love wearing basic pieces because I can change up my accessories  and wear it again and again which kinda “extends” my wardrobe.

I was drawn to this dress because it was suede, I loved the color, loved the fit (makes it look like I have a little booty lol) and it was only $11.

I was with my mom when I bought this dress and she thought the color matched my skin tone too much so it might look like I was naked lol

I mean, she’s kinda right lol but I would have to be really far away (and someone would have to be really stupid) for someone to think that I was actually walking around naked lol

But, I could always throw on a cute cropped jacket or something should that ever happen.

So, instead of looking like I’m naked, it would just look like I have no pants on.

…I’m just kidding…relax lol




Shoes: Shoeland

*All photography done by Randy Devieux 

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