New Beginnings…

So, I’m moving.

I’ve lived in Georgia for about 10 years and now, I’m officially relocating to Los Angeles. I’m excited, scared, hopeful and slightly disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to move out to LA because its the epicenter of the entertainment industry. I’ve always envisioned myself moving out there one day and becoming this huge movie star.

I’ve never told anyone of my dream except for my mom because I know people. People will pick your dream apart and discourage you if your dream seems too “unrealistic.” So, I’ve always kinda kept that to myself.

When people ask me what I want to do in life, I NEVER mention acting. I just say, “I don’t know” in order to protect my dream because its all that I have to hold on to…and my faith in God of course.

You know, as humans, its natural for us to want to plan things out, to see the next step ahead and when things don’t go according to plan, we have a panic attack.

Like I said earlier, I’ve always wanted to move out to LA by myself or at least with a very close friend who’s also trying to achieve their dreams. What I didn’t plan on, was to move out there with my mom and brother, the same people who I live with now.

I want to be independent living on my own as a single black female slightly addicted to retail but that’s not happening. I’m turning 25 in two months and the thought of still living with my mom kinda bothers me because I should out the nest right?

When I’m in my room laying on my bed I love to imagine myself having this amazing bachelorette pad and a nice car traveling, meeting new people, and enjoying life. Not still living with my family.

But then I remember that I can’t see in the future.

Who’s to say that I wont get my bachelorette pad? Maybe I’m not ready to live on my own maybe God is preparing a huge blessing for me. I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’ve decided to make the most of it.

I’m moving to one of my dream cities and just because its not exactly how I imagined, I’m not gonna send myself into cardiac arrest over it.

I’m learning to go with the flow which is not easy but if I want to be bold and pursue my dreams I have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I’m excited to see how things are gonna work out. A new beginning awaits me…across the country.



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