Heat Wave

Is it me or does this summer seem unusually hot this year? Its been 90+ degrees here in NY/NJ before it even hits 10am.

This kind of weather makes me wish I was on a beach somewhere sipping a nice cold alcoholic fruity drink as my skin is being kissed by the sun.

But instead I’m in the city pounding the pavement (in my 4.5 inch heels of course) which is ok beceause there’s always something to do in the city.

This particular day, I decided to treat myself to some ice cream with a side of people watching lol Listen, before you judge me just know that you could learn a lot about people from just observing.

Since I was just wandering around the city, I decided to keep it cute and casual, nothing to fancy.

Yes, I am wearing long sleeves in 90 degrees BUT the shirt (which is actually a one-piece) is completely backless so I had some nice ventilation going on plus the material of the shirt is very thin and breathable. I just rolled the sleeves up a bit and I was good to go.

I paired my one-piece with my favorite pair of jeans which I cuffed so I could showcase the real showstoppers, my lace-up black and white snakeskin heels.

These heels are so comfortable like, comfortable enough to play basketball in lol I’m just playing. But they are good for walking a couple of blocks.

But the hotter it gets, the more skin I’m showing.

Hey, don’t blame me, blame summer.






*All photography was done by Shiloh Devieux

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