Navy, Baby

I love monochromatic outfits because they’re always simple yet chic. I kinda just threw this outfit together last minute and it looks like I put in more effort than I actually did.

What I love about this outfit is the fact that its so versatile. I can transition from the office to cocktail hour seamlessly.

The blouse I’m wearing zips in the front so the higher the zip, the more conservative the look. But if I wanted to grab drinks with the girls later, I would zip the blouse down just a little so my other “other girls” can join the party too. I’m so corny! I’m almost ashamed at how corny I am… Almost.

But seriously, there’s nothing wrong with a little cleavage.

My favorite piece of this outfit is the pencil skirt.

I think pencil skirts are flattering on all body types because it creates this sexy silhouette that accentuates your ASSets. Alright, I’ll stop now lol

And since this is a monochrome outfit you can pretty much wear any color of heels with it. Like, I think this outfit would look amazing with a pair of yellow strappy heels or even a pair of pink heels. I chose to keep it real simple with a pair of nude heels.

To each its own.



*Blouse: TJ Maxx



*All photography was done by Shiloh Devieux

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