Why I Love Molly from HBO’s Insecure

This show is good AF.

HBO’s Insecure is my favorite show right now! not only is it entertaining but, the show explores so many aspects of black life that often don’t get told via mainstream media.

The show’s creator, Issa Rae is doing her thing right now! Listen, I’ve been a fan of Issa since Awkward Black Girl and have continued to support her and her Issa Rae productions like ‘First‘.

In shocking, yet not so surprising events, Charlemagne Tha God  said black and latino women need to be more like Tomi Lahren when it comes to creating our own platforms. Issa Rae, Jouelzy, Chescaleigh, Jackie Aina, hell, even myself and tons of other black women platform creators should all take turns knocking some sense into this man.

Then again, he does make a profit off of ignorance so, nevermind.

Anyway, back to Insecure.

My favorite character from the show is Molly who is arguably the most flawed character.

I see so much of myself in Molly in terms of presenting a cool, calm, and confident exterior, but really insecure, broken and in search of validation.

Molly seemingly has everything on the outside. A great career, great apartment, cute clothes, multiple wigs(that need some adjustments) etc… but is in desperate need of a man to sorta validate her.

We as women have been conditioned to think that success means nothing unless you have a man laying next to you at night.

But my dating life is far from Molly’s because of one simple fact…I don’t date.

Even if I did, I would never, and I mean, never be as thirsty as Molly. I’ve witnessed Molly reach some levels of thirst I didn’t even know existed. Like, she was really parched out there in them streets.

You ever feel kinda embarrassed for a fictional character? Well, that’s how I felt about Molly for the better half of the show’s season.

But what I feel most connected to Molly is her need for validation…especially from men.

Based on what I know from the show, it seems like Molly is the type to look at herself and ask “why doesn’t he like me?” or “why can’t I find a man?” or even “what’s wrong with me?

I’ve asked myself these questions so many times before until I finally realized just how insecure I was and how I would sabotage budding relationships because of my insecurities.

Molly has this same realization in the last episode this season…Thank God because I’m really rooting for her.

I’m curious to see how Molly will navigate through life with this new found realization. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two.

Needless to say, I can’t wait until next fall for season 2

I’m excited AF.



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