Green Equals Life

I was gonna name this post “Olive You” then I realized I already used that name for a previous post… and wore the same exact skirt too lol.

For me, monochromatic outfits are the simplest to put together. There are no mixing and matching of colors and prints. Its literally just one color.

Some ways to avoid looking like a crayon, is to wear a piece with some texture ( like velvet or leather) or a piece with hardware detailing (buttons and zippers) so that the outfit doesn’t look so one note.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been dealing with depression and hopelessness lately but looking at all this green reminds of life.

And where there is life, there is hope.



Top: (similar)

Skirt: Missguided | (similar)

Shoes: (similar)


*All photography was done by Jade Lee Devieux


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