The Mixing of the Prints

This is probably one of my favorite outfits so far….

I bought this top from Plato’s Closet for 6 bucks.

I was literally salivating over this top as soon as I saw it on the mannequin! Dramatic? Yes, I sure am lol.

The next step was deciding on how to actually wear the statement piece.

I come up with the cutest outfit combos at 2, maybe 3am when my creative juices are flowing.

I tried this top with these hunter green pants at first and I liked the colors, but the pants were a bit too much.

So, I paired the top with my hunter green plaid trousers instead and it was an instant hit.

It just worked.

I told myself I wanted to take more fashion risks and I think this outfit was a step in the right direction.



Top: Urban Outfitters (Plato’s Closet) | (similar)

Pants: Forever 21 | (similar)

Shoes: (similar)

*All photography was done by Shiloh Devieux

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