Classic Color Combo

Guess what? I’m wearing flats with this outfit *gasps*

I’m on a mission to buy more fly suits because I think they’re so chic and timeless.

I originally planned on wearing the blazer with no shirt underneath and a chunky belt over it but since it was so hot outside, I couldn’t wear a thick long-sleeved blazer all afternoon.

Instead, I paired the checkered trousers with a red backless bodysuit and my little tuxedo flats.

Can’t go wrong with black, white and red, they always make for a classic color combination.



Blazer: Missguided

Pants: Missguided

Bodysuit: Pretty Little Thing

Shoes: DSW (I can’t find any shoes similar to these! I got them a few yrs ago!)

*All photography was done by Shiloh Devieux

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