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It’s Electric

I’ve never really considered myself to be a fashion stylist until recently. …I’ve been sleeping on myself. Fashion Styling is a form of art. I am an artist and styling is one of the ways I express myself. I bought these electric blue pants in June but the outfit didn’t

Lemon Lime

Since I got a new camera lens, I’ve been capturing  a lot of close- ups of my outfits so you can really see the detailing. I bought this shirt (and the skirt) from Plato’s Closet (thrift store) for a total of $10! This top is probably one of my favorites

Where Brooklyn At?

When I was a kid, my brothers and I use to spend a couple of weeks during the summer with my grandma in Brooklyn. It was honestly the best time ever. My grandma was so fun and so cool and we’d go on little adventures exploring Brooklyn. My hair use

Just a T-Shirt

Sometimes I don’t feel like dressing up and when that happens, I just throw on a t-shirt. I’ve been thrifting a lot lately and found some really cute pieces like this little crop top I’m wearing. I’ve also developed a love for flared/wide leg pants. …especially ones with interesting details

Lace Top, Crop Top

So, currently, all the clothing from the looks I create come out of my own pocket. I’ve been asking God to open up some more opportunities such as networking and collabs with other artist. Won’t He do it. I met this amazingly talented designer a few weeks ago named Crissy

Miami Vibes in New Jersey

The first time I went to Miami was 4 years ago to celebrate my 21st birthday with my girls. Up until then, I use to use my friend’s ID so that I could go to the club and drink with them in Atlanta. I even snuck into a club in

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