Lemon Lime

Since I got a new camera lens, I’ve been capturing  a lot of close- ups of my outfits so you can really see the detailing.

I bought this shirt (and the skirt) from Plato’s Closet (thrift store) for a total of $10!

This top is probably one of my favorites because I love the hardware detailing and the way it moves.

I’ve never seen a top like this before, so I grabbed it as soon as I saw it. Plus, it was only $4.

For years, I’ve been looking for a high-shine emerald green skirt ever since I saw Carrie wear one on Sex and the City (picture down below) and I finally found it! *dreams really do come true!*

I have at least 3 different ways I plan on wearing this skirt. I can’t wait to show you guys the other two!



Top: I’m sorry but I can’t find a similar top! 😦

Skirt: (similar)

Shoes: (similar)

*All photography was done by Shiloh Devieux

(Carrie Bradshaw inspo)

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