multi colored bathing suit

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multi colored bathing suit

27 in Puerto Rico

I went to Puerto Rico for my 27th birthday (8/5/91). I went with one of my close friends and the trip was cool. I ate amazing food and tried a few adventurous things like deep sea snorkeling and jet skiing. I felt like I was in a James Bond movie

Makeshift Bardot

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I on the other hand, took a page out of the Kevin McAllister handbook and stayed home…alone. lol (I personally think I’m hilarious) I bought this red bodysuit over the summer but I couldn’t wear it because it was way too big.

black fashion model street style chic fashion

Relaxed in Black

Growing up in New Jersey, I use to love going to the corner store or as my brothers and I called it, “the chip store.” Back then, you could buy a whole bunch of junk food for like $2! 50c chips, 5c candies, 75c slushies… I miss those days. When

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