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Relaxed in Black

Growing up in New Jersey, I use to love going to the corner store or as my brothers and I called it, “the chip store.” Back then, you could buy a whole bunch of junk food for like $2! 50c chips, 5c candies, 75c slushies… I miss those days.

When I moved to Georgia, I lived in an area where you needed a car to go everywhere so there were no chip stores. But when I moved back to New Jersey, walking into a chip store just felt nostalgic. It just reminded me of simpler times. Stress free times.

I think sometimes its ok to revisit things of the past to comfort us and to remind us that the simple things in life is what makes life worth living.



**Peep the guy behind me lol**

Top: Boohoo (similar) Missguided Cropped Sweatshirt

Skirt: Stretch Knit Pencil Skirt Forever21 

Shoes: Wrap Trim Detail Sandal Missguided

*All photography was done by Shiloh Devieux

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