Halt(er) Who Goes There?

Monochromatic looks are my thing because it’s the perfect combination of chic and simplicity.

I wore a pair of navy blue chinos and a keyhole halter bodysuit. The blues on both the top and the pants match so well that it kinda looks like a jumpsuit (from far away lol).

My favorite part of fashion styling is the shoe pairing. To me, a shoe can either make or break an outfit.

I must’ve tried on like 10 different shoes with this outfit because they all looked so good and I couldn’t pick one! lol I went with a pair of interesting looking heels I feel just added an extra ‘umph’ to the outfit.

What kind of shoes would you have picked? (comment below).



Top: Boohoo ‘Sophie Wrap Front Halter Neck Bodysuit’

Pants: Boohoo ‘Audrey Chino Style Woven Trousers’

Shoes: GX by Gwen Stefani ‘Madison-Orange and Black’

*All photography was done by Shiloh Devieux

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