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Supreme in Kelly Green

I asked my 11 yr old sister what was the first thing that came to mind when she looked at my outfit. She said, “St.Patrick’s Day.” This outfit literally has nothing to do with St. Patty’s day lol. When I put together an outfit, there’s always once piece that I

Lace Top, Crop Top

So, currently, all the clothing from the looks I create come out of my own pocket. I’ve been asking God to open up some more opportunities such as networking and collabs with other artist. Won’t He do it. I met this amazingly talented designer a few weeks ago named Crissy

women's tailored black suit

Tie Your Suit

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a bargain shopper which is why LuxeStreetChic¬†is a place where affordable fashion meets high-end style. I bought these pants (on sale of course) for $25. However, the matching suit jacket was $77 (not on sale). I really didn’t want to

Miami Vibes in New Jersey

The first time I went to Miami was 4 years ago to celebrate my 21st birthday with my girls. Up until then, I use to use my friend’s ID so that I could go to the club and drink with them in Atlanta. I even snuck into a club in

Halt(er) Who Goes There?

Monochromatic looks are my thing because it’s the perfect combination of chic and simplicity. I wore a pair of navy blue chinos and a keyhole halter bodysuit. The blues on both the top and the pants match so well that it kinda looks like a jumpsuit (from far away lol).

I Dream of Jeanie

Feelin’ very 70s in these retro bell-bottoms… I’m drawn to “simple” clothing with interesting details so, besides the obvious flared leg of the bell-bottoms (which I’m obsessed with), I gravitated towards the button detailing at the top, I just thought it looked cool. What made these pants even more cool

Short & Backless

“….Short and Backless, see my silhouette in the moonlight.” You can never go wrong with a little black dress. For me, they’re my go to when I don’t feel like putting together an outfit or when I’m going for a simple sexy look. What I love most about this dress

The Minnie Mouse Club

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been drawn to graphic tees with Minnie/Mickey Mouse on them. In my younger days, I use to be a sneaker-head so t-shirts and sneakers were my thing. Now that I’m an adult and my style is maturing, I like to find different

White-Out: Suit Edition

One of the sexiest things a woman can wear is a tailored suit. It screams “I’m a boss and I look damn good too.” My favorite show of all time is Girlfriends. Joan, the character played by¬†Tracee Ellis Ross is a lawyer who works at a prestigeous lawfirm in LA.

Olive You

If I’m not wearing black, I’m wearing some other neutral color, my favorite being olive green. What drew me to this midi skirt (other than its color) was the d-ring pocket detailing on the front that reminded me of a military look. I paired the skirt with a blush colored

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