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Olive You

If I’m not wearing black, I’m wearing some other neutral color, my favorite being olive green. What drew me to this midi skirt (other than its color) was the d-ring pocket detailing on the front that reminded me of a military look. I paired the skirt with a blush colored

Grey Deys

Its been raining here in NJ for the past week so, this outfit is reflective of the gray & gloomy overcast. One of the most versatile outfit combinations is a button up shirt and a pencil/midi skirt because it seamlessly transitions to from day to night. I chose to pair

Gym Attire

Obviously this isn’t gym attire but I thought the title had a cute ring to it lol. Track Pants are on trend right now. Now, I wouldn’t describe myself as being “trendy” because I wear whatever I want whether or not it’s “in” that particular season. But I must say,

Bronze Beauty

Let me just say – I. Love. This. Dress. I love everything about it, especially the back detail… I’m a sucker for a good back detail. This dress is made out of a silky material which allows for it to hug your body in all the right places. It’s sexy

See-Through Chic

There’s this idea that see-through clothing automatically equals trashy and that’s just not true. Now, it can be trashy but if done correctly, can be risqué, chic, and edgy. Fashion is an expression of self. So, if you’re not trashy, then your style shouldn’t reflect that. The most important “rule”

Polished and Poised

I really love how my style is developing (I feel like I say that every time I write a fashion post lol) but seriously, I love how pieces so simple when styled properly look so chic. I love blazers, especially tailored blazers. The thing I love about a good blazer

White on White

Who made up the “no white after Labor Day” fashion rule? I never understood it. Fashion is art and you should be able to wear whatever you want. When I saw these trousers, I knew I had to have them and when I saw them, on sale, it became an

Brick House

I started my blog about 2 years ago and in those 2 years, I’ve revamped my site at least 20 times. The only way to find out what you like and don’t like is to just try a bunch of different things. Everytime I would change up my blog, I

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Relaxed in Black

Growing up in New Jersey, I use to love going to the corner store or as my brothers and I called it, “the chip store.” Back then, you could buy a whole bunch of junk food for like $2! 50c chips, 5c candies, 75c slushies… I miss those days. When

Posh Smurf

A few days before coming up with the title of this blog post, I watched Spice World and I forgot how much I use to love Posh Spice’s style! And I’m dressed head to toe in blue, like a smurf so the title ‘Posh Smurf’ just came to me lol.

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